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I know most people are trying to get leaner this time of year, but for those of you who still want to pack on some size and calorie restriction is not an issue, the following 4 week cycle has always proved successful for me.
The first stretch of the cycle is focused on bulking – eating around 500-750 extra calories per day for the first 3 weeks, which will lead to around a 3-4 pound body weight increase. On week 4, I opt for a 500-750 calorie reduction below my metabolic rate, which usually results in a 1-2 pound loss.
Over a period of 12 months, this cycle should help to keep you in good shape and help your holiday or competition preparation easier.
Don't miss meals! Make sure you're eating atleast 25% of your calorie intake at breakfast - it will stop you binging later in the day.
It’s important to make sure you’re taking in enough carbohydrates when training.
After training, it’s key to eat a minimum of 30g, even when dieting, or you’ll find that you won’t recover in time for your next workout. I suggest either a banana (30g carbs) or a 200g baked potato (50g carbs).
You should also be aiming to have a 50g – 100g bowl of oats for breakfast, depending on your calorie intake for your diet plan.
Clint’s Recommended Stack
  • Breakfast – Oats, SciTec Nutrition 100% Whey Protein
  • Before Training – 1 scoop SciTec Hot Blood, SciTec G-BCAA x 6
  • After Training – G-BCAA x6
  • Evening – 2 scoops USN Hardcore Whey or Muscle Fuel
  • Before Bed – Night Pro or Casein

Calorie & Carbohydrate Fluctuation

If you are struggling to lose weight, try calorie or carbohydrate fluctuation.
Calories – 3 days, 6000 Calories - Repeat
Day 1
1500 Calories
Day 2
2500 Calories
Day 3
2000 Calories


3 Day Carb Cycle
Day 1
150 g
Day 2
250 g
Day 3
200 g

Weight Gain

If you need to gain weight, try adding olive oil to your meals and protein drinks. You’ll find it to be a great source of extra calories and essential fats!

Cutting Carbohydrates

As we fast approach the dieting season a word of warning…….DON’T cut your carbohydrates too low too quickly or else you will hit your sticking point far too early. 

By cutting your carbs you will actually suppress your own metabolism and end up gaining weight, however if you reduce your carb intake by 20% you will lose weight gradually over a longer period of time and you will also have room to cut your carbs as you find the last bit of weight harder to lose.

The Power of Cinnamon!

Add a sprinkle to your porridge or your favourite protein drink, as cinnamon is a natural fat burning herb and a calorie free source of delicious flavouring!

Cinnamon and weight loss are linked because of cinnamon’s thermogenic effects.  As a herb cinnamon is known to create a thermogenic burn boosting the body’s metabolism and additionally reducing the body’s cholesterol levels.

Nutrition by Design

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Fast Food Alternative

Find yourself grabbing high fat and high sugar fast foods out of convenience and lack of time?

Now available here at Future Fitness is the ideal alternative, Natural Performance Meals. These quick and easy to prepare meals contain 48g of protein, 24g of carbohydrate and are low in fat. On top of that, they taste great! On sale at reception for only £3.50.

How can you make your waist smaller?

Reduce food intake and work on your shoulders at the same time.  This will increase your shoulder width and reduce your waistline and therefore your waist will look smaller.

Do you struggle to prepare your food?  Try using a slow cooker with meat and vegetables, then you won’t have any excuses to miss a meal!

Eating regularly is imperative for both weight loss and weight gain.     

  • Weight Loss – eat small amounts of high protein and low carbohydrate foods.
  • Weight Gain -  eat larger amounts of high protein and high carbohydrate foods and also foods with good fats (nuts, avocados , oily fish, olive oil)
  • If you crave sugar try freezing some strawberries.  One strawberry is only 4 calories.  Not quite the same as strawberry cheesecake, but better than nothing when you are dieting!!
  • Weight Loss – After training make sure you eat or drink 50-100g of carbs with 30-40g of protein.
  • Add some red meat to your diet if you want to put some size on.
  • Take some BCAA’s before and after training and try throw in 10g L-Glutamine.  This will help you recover more quickly especially when you are on restricted calories.
  • Make sure you eat 50 grams of carbohydrates within the first hour after training to replace your glycogen stores to speed up muscle recovery.
  • Whether trying to lose or gain weight, eat 5-6 times a day, as this has a positive effect on your metabolic rate for weight loss and also gives your body a chance to absorb the nutrients and protein if you are trying to gain size.
  • Find your protein level - suggested amount is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, as protein is the building block of your body
  • Add chopped tomatoes to your meals - gives taste and removes dryness - low calorie and low cost.
  • To gain weight add quality fats, peanut butter, good oils, extra virgin oil, UDO's, flax etc to your diet.



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