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Juggy Sidhu


Juggy Sidhu


My motivation is witnessing the progression of each and every one of my clients.  From the small day to day achievements of eating the right meals, training with the correct form and intensity all the way to a full body transformation.  Each step counts in the overall journey and observing these changes in clients spur me on!

My background is somewhat different to other personal trainers and online coaching.  I began training when I was 16, initially my goal was to improve my lean muscle mass and build strength to play at a higher standard of football.  Starting out with a set of dumbells and a huge appetite to grow, I started obvserving small changes in my physique and ability to cope against older, stronger and faster opponents!  This gave me the hunger to learn as much about nutrition and training as possible!

My next advancement in my journey came at University, where I studied Performance Nutrition and graduated with honours.  I was lucky enough to learn from some amazing lecturers and work alongside members of sports teams to aid in the application of my increasing knowledge base.  After graduating, I also worked with some phenomenal Mixed Martial Arts fighters to aid them through competition.

I feel that the world of nutrition and training is constantly evolving, with so many different opinions about it is important to continue my education through various courses and further reading on topics of note.  I was one of the first members of the Neil Hill Academy in 2015 which provided a rich source of information on all aspects of fitness, health and nutrition.  Having completed a great number of research projects at university has given a greater understanding of how to extend my knowledge through further reading from reliable sources.

Having been involved in nutrition and health since 2007, I have been lucky enough to work with such a great variety of clients, from MMA fighters, triathlon athletes, physique competitors and creating some amazing transformations for clients who were just interested in being the best that they could be!  

I have competed in Men’s Physique categories since 2014, working with my coach and business partner Zac Fotheringham.  In 2015, I won my first trophy, finishing 1st in the United Kingdom Drug Free Bodybuilding Association in the tall category.  This led me to represent team UK in the International competition!  In 2016 I competed with the United Kingdom Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation finishing both 1st and 2nd place at the Cumbrian Classic and Flex Lewis Classic respectively.

My future plans are to work alongside Zac Fotheringham to build an all encompassing website and service that will enable clients and followers to learn and improve alongside us.  I want to allow you all to share in my experience, passion and expertise, and progress!


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