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 Kirk Miller


As soon as I left school I gained an apprenticeship at Coventry City FC, where I managed to progress all the way to the reserve team. After thorough enjoyment playing for the team, I was then released in 2003.

I then retrained and qualified as a plumber / gas engineer which is my profession to date.

Whilst at Coventry City, I was introduced to the gym as part of our training. I instantly took to weight training and give credit to my first fitness trainer Daz Grewcock for showing me the application required whenever you step foot in the gym. Witnessing his dedication and enthusiasm this then encouraged me to further my career and fulfilment of attending the gym. Looking back I enjoyed the gym as much as I ever did football and although it has took me a few years to realise, this is definitely where my true love lies. I’ve always managed to incorporate my training throughout my plumbing career with it naturally becoming a part of my day to day lifestyle.

Men's health competition - men's health cover model October 2010.

This is my biggest accomplishment to date and has been a truly life changing experience for me.

Like most gym lovers, this had been my dream for years. Joking on a regular basis to my friends and family that one day, I would be on the front cover of men’s health magazine.

I entered the competition for the first time in 2009, where I made it through to the last 100. Unfortunately, I missed the phone call for the telephone interview, which was devastating at the time. Having gotten over the initial disappointment this then inspired me even more to focus on 2010.

Once I received the phone call in 2010 to say I’d made it through to the final 7, I knew in my heart that I could do it and finally achieve my dream. From that moment onwards, I had 12 days to get myself into the most supreme possible condition of my life. I pushed myself through mental and physical boundaries that I didn’t even think would ever be possible. Nothing on this planet was going to get in my way of winning! This all paid off as I won the Men's Health Cover Model competition and appeared on the October edition.

I offer personal training at Future Fitness, please contact me if you would like more information.

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