Future Fitness for the past 25 years has been recognised as the No 1 weight training facility in Coventry.

Additionally, Future Fitness has evolved with the radical changes in fitness and cardio. The gym has been extended 3 times and our equipment is regularly replaced and updated with the most advanced of training equipment and Future Fitness now boasts the most comprehensive training facility in Coventry.

Future Fitness prides itself on helping produce some amazing athletes in my different areas from Bodybuilding competitors and Champions, Fitness and Physique Athletes, Power Lifting Champions, Rugby Players just to name a few.

Our Equipment Comprises

  • Human Sport
  • Nautilus Plate Loaded
  • Hammer Strength Plate Loaded
  • 2.5 - 70kg First set Polyurethane Dumbbells
  • 5kg - 37.5kg Second set Polyurethane Dumbells
  • Olympic discs
  • Gym 80
  • Eleiko Lifting Area
  • Bench Room with Multiple Free Weight Pressing Stations





  • 2 Squatting Areas
  • 3 Leg Presses
  • 2 Hack Squats
  • 2 Leg Extensions
  • Seated to Standing Leg Curls
  • 5 Calf Machines


  • Abdominal leg raise
  • Two abs benches
  • Abdominal twist machine
  • Decline abs bench
  • Weighted Dual crunch machine


  • 6 Running machines
  • 3 Stair climbers
  • 8 crosstrainers
  • 4 Vertual reality spinning bikes
  • 5 Spinng bikes
  • 2 concept 2 rower


Weight training and body building at Future Fitness is easy. Easy because everything you need to build the perfect physique is readily on hand. Whether it's the latest equipment, such as the Humansport training system, expert advice from staff who have competed at the highest level, or even information and the opportunity to purchase leading nutritional supplements at excellent prices you'll find it all at Future Fitness.

To provide you with the facilities to train every body part to its peak, we have incorporated a dedicated & comprehensive leg training area. We think you will find it IMPRESSIVE!

All this is why Future Fitness remains the choice for many serious body builders and sportspersons alike.

Terms and Conditions

Anyone wanting to take advantage must be over the age of 16 and be able to provide proof of age if asked.

Excludes the use of tanning beds
Excludes Spinning Classes
Only one free week trial per person
This offer is not available to current or past members

On redeeming your voucher you will be asked to complete a no obligation membership form.