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Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer

Hi, I’m Mitchell Masterson a Level 3 Certified Personal trainer here at Future Fitness Gym in Coventry as well as a online coach for people not in the area.

Im a young highly motivated and dedicated personal trainer with 7 years of weight training experience behind me, as well as numerous titles and records in competitive powerlifting and bodybuilding within the UK and World. Most recently coming 2nd place at the Mr Olympia Pro Deadlift in Las Vegas taking the IPL Junior World Record also BPU BodyPower UK 1st place in the Deadlift as my first competition as a open (adult) competitor. 

I love working with people and seeing progress in them and how it affects a person positively in all manners of their lives and that could be anywhere from losing weight to increasing strength to even just having a healthier more balanced lifestyle can make an incredible change on peoples personality and how they perceive themselves and the positive effect it has on their life in and out of the gym.

I have had some great success with clients already in my short personal training career for example three of my clients taking a huge interest in competitive powerlifting some being ranked now in the top 5 in the uk for their weight and age.

So if it is something you are interested in by becoming a better stringer healthier version of yourself and you are looking for someone to help and push you into that direction please feel free to drop me an email at for more information and to get started don't hesitate start now!


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