Hi, I’m Zac Fotheringham a Personal Trainer based in Coventry (Future Fitness) & Online Coach. I am a sponsored athlete for CNP, Better Bodies & Udo’s Choice. Prior to becoming a successful Personal Trainer, I served time in the Armed Forces with a tour of Iraq.

With over 6 years of experiences as a Personal Trainer, I have found a specialty in physique transformations and promoting a healthier, stronger version of you.

I have shared a number of incredible transformations of clients with differing goals over the course of my career. The stories behind each transformation and the individual achievements continually motivate me to help clients realize their full potential. I am very passionate in all that I do, both personally and professionally. I am renowned for my honesty and integrity and I am always forthright in voicing my perspective. Ultimately I am a family man, with a desire to be the best possible version of myself for the benefit of my family, friends and clients.

Competitive physique/ bodybuilding is another passion of mine. Upon writing this I have 2 wins under my belt competing in the UKBFF Men’s Physique where I took 1st place in 2015 Cumbria Classic and 2016 Scotland. I am now on a journey to transition in the new Muscular physique category. 2016 was a good year for me as my dream to feature in ‘Muscle and Fitness’ came a reality, getting a 6 page spread.

Many will already know that I work with arguably the best coach and mentor in the business, Neil Hill. Neil is the founder of the incredible 3 dimensional training system called Y3T. He coaches many professional athletes, such as, Flex Lewis, William Bonac, Steve Cook and many more. I truly believe that alone we can be great but as a team we can be unstoppable. There really isn’t a better team out there in my opinion. Im fortunate enough to be one of the few y3t master trainers and have many success stories using this training protocol.

Id like to take this opportunity to advise anyone interested in learning about the y3t training system to subscribe to neil’s FREE daily emails, simply click the link and get involved.

2018 is here and there is no time like the present to set your targets and make your dream physique a reality! I will do everything within my power to support you and enable each and every one of your achieve your individual goals. You will certainly have the tools, the ball is in your court as they say.

Lets cut the chit chat and get things done….