Todd Flanagan-Jones

I am a member of staff at Future Fitness, Ive worked at Future Fitness for less than a year but have trained here for some time. The owner Kevin Twigger approached me with a job opportunity and I jumped at the change to become one of the Future team and work within the sport I love.

I am currently working on gaining my Personal Trainer qualification but in the meantime I am enjoying learning new skills and gaining new knowledge on a day to day basis within my job roll.

I have already competed at bodybuilding and Power lifting events, both of which are a passion of mine. 


  • Under 67.5kg raw powerlifting biggest squat and total score in UK history.
  • BPU British record holder at under 67.5kg in squat, bench, deadlift and total score
  • BPF British record holder at under 75kg in squat, deadlift and total score
  • WPU world record holder in deadlift at under 67.5kg and under 785kg
  • Mr Coventry future physiques bodybuilding 2015 third place
  • Future physiques body building first timers 2015 first place


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